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Tue Apr 25 16:33:34 SAST 2017

Sasco calls for go-slow on the national shutdown: iLIVE

SASCO NEC | 2015-10-26 10:07:46.0
Students from South Africa's universities converged on the Union Buildings in Pretoria in support of the #FeesMustFall movement. File photo
Image by: Mmalegong Ramutloa

The South African Students’ Congress notes the various victories that have been secured by students in South Africa as a result of the struggles of the last two weeks.

We however believe that this is not the end of the road and as such vigilance is important going forward.

We are sternly of the view that the issue of no fees is a minimal victory and our ultimate victory will be the attainment of free education in South Africa and the complete transformation of our universities. It is for this reason that we believe students should always be vigilant and raise the question of free quality higher education in South Africa.

It should also be noted that whilst the fee increment question has been secured, the various campus specific questions we have been struggling for are also in existence. This is why it is important for our structures to not be lost in celebration and miss an opportunity to engage these questions that will affect registration next year. 

We appeal to all our structures to continue to struggle for their aims without being captured by forces of reaction that are hell-bent on weakening the student movement and totally collapsing our universities.  It is important that we guard against these wedge-drivers and agent provocateurs. 

The organisation is currently busy engaging all its structures about the way forward on its call for a national shutdown, noting the conditions cited above. During this period, we are calling for a go-slow on the national shutdown. We are very committed to the resumption of the academic programme and ensuring that students are given time to prepare and write their examinations.


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