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Dear Proteas - you are a disgrace: iLIVE

Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr | 2015-12-30 14:42:35.0
South Africa's Dale Steyn is bowled during the first cricket test match against England in Durban, South Africa.

Now I realise that above might sound like a harsh statement, especially coming from me.

My highest level of sporting achievement was high school provincial level. And that was not even cricket. However I still feel that I can justify the statement looking at your recent displays in the 5 day game.

Never mind the armchair criticism that you gave away your wickets cheaply in India, consistently playing stupid shots that were unnecessary.

Is it no longer proper cricket to just work the ball into gaps and pick up ones or two’s?

Why did you wait until the last innings of the 5th test in India to show a glimpse of character and a bit of resistance?

Much has been said about the puzzling option not to bowl ImraanTahir early in an Indian innings when wickets could have kept us in the game.

He ended up taking 5 wickets when he eventually bowled if I remember correctly. Our selectors have managed to select an opening batsman who still doesn’t know where the off stump is(now finally replaced by De Kock).

I cannot use above discussion topics to call the Proteas a disgrace however.

Everyone has poor form and can have a bad run of results whether it be individual or team. Totally understandable and usually this is where loyal fans should double their efforts and cheer the Proteas on louder and more vocal than ever right?

It’s watching the Proteas while fielding where my real criticism stems from.

You don’t want to be there.

Your attitude is one of someone who would rather be on holiday, sitting on a beach (Dean Elgar excluded).

Watching fielders jog after the ball at half pace and then giving England an extra run.

Eventually the ball is thrown back towards the wicket keeper or rather 4 meters to the right.

Your on field attitude is what makes you a disgrace and its embarrassing.

One does not have to be a sports scientist to conclude that the drop catches, poor batting form and ultimately results are as a result of complete indifference to playing at an international level for your country. Is there any leadership in this Protea team? Come on Hash.

Come on coach.

Is communication limited to post match beers with the boytjies in the change room? It certainly appears that way.

If any motivational or strategic talks are in fact happening during the game, the rest of the team are not listening.

Gone are the days of energy and enthusiasm that Jonty Rhodes made the trade mark of South African Cricket and fielding in particular. I would personally be quite relieved to hear a tinge of emotion from our captain after yet another loss.

If the Proteas are going to be just going through the motions at Newlands, could they at least not wear the Protea on their shirts? At the moment the only thing worse than watching the Proteas play cricket is listening to the commentary on radio 2000.


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