No Bob Hewitt, raping children is that bad: iLIVE - Times LIVE
Tue Apr 25 16:38:19 SAST 2017

No Bob Hewitt, raping children is that bad: iLIVE

Jill Timoney | 2016-02-10 11:56:37.0
Bob Hewitt. File photo.
Image by: Alon Skuy

This vile man [Bob Hewitt] must suffer for all the terrible suffering that he has caused.

To say that his crimes were "not so bad" is also disgusting. 

They are so bad and he must pay for his crimes by going to prison, where hopefully the other prisoners will do to him what he did to all those children. 

The justice system must not fail by being sympathetic to his age and frailty. 

What about the age and frailty of his rape victims? 

What about the years of anguish he has caused them? 

When a child is raped, the emotional damage lasts forever.  Its not an incident that one "gets over".


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