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Let Madiba banknotes remind us of our duty to SA: iLIVE

Mlungisi Ngubeni | 2012-11-27 12:51:59.0
South African banknotes. File Photo/ SIPHIWE SIBEKO

I have just received the new banknotes, looked at the old man, and distinctively had a feeling that I was letting him down.

Do I really know what he stood and fought for, do I know the principles that he stood for, do I understand why he was willing to die?

Do I understand why so many suffered, so that I can be free today?

What am I doing today to ensure that his legacy will not perish, that the future of this country will not succumb to corruption, to incompetence, to cronyism, to tribalism, greed, lawlessness, racial intolerance and eventually to civil war?

What am I doing today to ensure that my children will have future in this country?

May every South African today, as they hold these new banknotes realise that this is our country, that we must fight for what is right, we must work together to find solutions to our common problems and we must put the country first.

We must realise that we need to give all we have, to build this great nation. As you take out the note to buy, remember that millions are still living in poverty, suffering daily and looking up to those who bare the fruits of democracy to give a lending hand.

Let these new banknotes be a symbol that the power of change lies in our hands and the power of prosperity for the country and the people lies in our hands.

Let us realise that this power was given to us by uTata Mandela and all those who fought and died for liberation.


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