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Fri Apr 28 21:46:00 SAST 2017

Burning questions about the Lenasia housing debacle: iLIVE

Mandla Jacob Tshabalala, Protea Glen | 2012-11-27 00:07:49.0
More than 50 houses in Lenasia have been demolished by the provincial government after con artists sold plots to would-be home owners with false deeds of sale. File photo
Image by: Daniel Born

The government promised to build houses for the masses. Instead, the police harass and take Lenasia residents' stuff.

People built their houses, the government demolished them.

My questions are: If that was municipal land, why was it left vacant this long, how did someone sell that land to unsuspecting people, and why didn't they make the people pay for the use of that land instead of demolishing structures?


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