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Thank us at least, Zuma: iLIVE

Sipho K Chipwa, Linden | 2012-11-26 00:29:47.0
Nkandla. File photo.
Image by: Khaya Ngwenya / Gallo Images

I do hope that President Jacob Zuma, I mean Mr Spendourmoney, is at least going to thank the taxpayer for his Nkandla mini-city.

We have a give and take relationship with our president - we give and he takes.

If Zuma does have a R250-million bond for Nkandla, then suspended Youth League leader Julius Malema is a rocket scientist.

Come clean, Mr President, as motormouth Mac Maharaj is running out of excuses for you.

Our hard work and our diligence when paying tax got you your grand palace, so maybe a thank you is the very least you can do.


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