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DA must respect majority view: iLIVE

Kwazi Mthembu, Naledi, Soweto | 2012-11-19 00:05:02.0
Democratic Aliance
Nosimo Balindlela, centre, with DA top brass Athol Trollip, Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane. File photo.
Image by: Halden Krog / Halden Krog

One reason why the apartheid government suppressed black people is because they were afraid of abiding by the views of the majority. They made sure to oppress all the poor people and instil in them a sense of uselessness and stupidity.

We see this trend sprouting again in our democracy. The DA and its allies can't handle the fact that they are a minority and the ANC is a majority. They think the majority is stupid and they are the intelligent enclave, and thus lose all the basics of democracy.

They try to move a vote of no confidence on the ANC government, and immediately cry foul when they realise their move is impossible. Their vote of no confidence was doomed from the beginning.

The DA has failed to convince the people of South Africa that they are their true representatives. Every time they fail, they run to the courts for help.

The people, who have faith in the tried and tested ANC, keep voting the ANC into power. It is the duty of the DA and its allies to abide by the resolutions of the majority when their opinions have been defeated. It is a basic principle of democracy.


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