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What I've learnt: Seth Rogen

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The actor on work, avoiding work, staying Twitter-free and totally jumping in

Canadian actor and writer Seth Rogen, 29, is best-known for his deadpan comedy. After dropping out of school he and his family relocated from Vancouver to Los Angeles where, from the age of 16, he became the family's main wage earner and bill payer. Typecast playing overweight slackers usually with a drug or drink habit, his breakthrough came when he played the lead in the film The 40-Year-Old Virgin in 2005. Forbes Magazine has named him the "hardest-working man in Hollywood". He is married to writer Lauren Miller and lives in LA. His latest film is 50/50, an original, sensitive but outrageously funny film about cancer, based on the real-life experience his friend, writer Will Reiser, had battling with and surviving spinal cancer. In the film, Rogen plays his crass, noisy, unfailingly loyal buddy, Kyle.

You gotta believe in yourself. Will and I felt that no movie had accurately depicted having cancer and using humour as a way to deal with how the situation is, and the alienation that comes with it. The doctors and people with cancer we've shown it to love it. Of course, I am nothing like Kyle behaviourally. I would never lie to a girl to get laid like he does!

I have an instinct to dramatise things too much and I need to take time to do a few drafts to whittle it down. Less is always more.

I don't handle stress well. It doesn't help when I'm working and I have to lie to somebody because I'm stressed. I'd rather lie to the studio and then take the script home and rewrite it if it isn't working.

I now only do things that are creatively interesting and worthwhile and feel natural. I'd rather be poor and happy. I won't do jokes for barmitzvahs any more!

I am lazy. I don't want to work for the sake of working. Admit it. None of us do, but we're too afraid to say it. I want to make time for the good life as well.

It's wrong to be intimidated by something. You need to be open and have no preconceived emotions. Just totally jump in.

If you don't try, you won't know. I lost 30lbs for a role (The Green Hornet) over three months. I went to India for six weeks and ate anything I wanted. Of course, I can't wait to pile it all back on in a minute but I know how hard it was to drop.

I like to have real conversation. That's not me on Twitter! I have never partaken in any social networking avenue on the internet. I'm not on Facebook, I'm not on MySpace. I'm especially not on Twitter. But apparently there is a fake me on there. I mean, I don't really care that much (if people think it's me). It's like someone on Mars talking about me. But I just think it's bulls**t. Go out there and talk to people.

I now know I am not getting sucked into the suave and skinny LA lifestyle. I like my life and my friends too much to get bothered about turning LA.

  • 50/50 was released on Friday.


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