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Pretoria's top cheating neighbourhoods uncovered

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Infidelity dating website has blown the lid off Pretoria’s most unfaithful neighbourhoods.

It has published the suburbs with the highest per capita membership. Now, the notorious dating website catering to those already in relationships, shares the capital’s most cheat-friendly neighbourhoods based on an overall membership of more than 13 759.

Debunking the myth that the Afrikaner population is traditionally more conservative than their English counterparts, the figures reveal that Pretoria’s membership makes up 11.9% of the total’s members in South Africa, compared to 20.2% for Johannesburg.

“The research in South Africa clearly shows that the perceived conservative markets are not all that conservative”, says Noel Biderman, founder and CEO.

“Idyllic Irene, was recently identified as Gauteng’s Top Infidelity ‘dorpie’ illustrating that cheating does not discriminate, and the numbers prove it, where there is smoke, guaranteed there is fire.”

Here then, in descending order, are Pretoria’s top five cheating hotspots:

1. Waterkloof
2. Menlo Park
3. Hatfield
4. Irene
5. Centurion

“We are not surprised some of the wealthiest areas made the list. Simply put, the more successful you are, the likelier you’ll cheat, and the top five certainly account for some of the most affluent suburbs in Pretoria,” said Biderman.

“With financial success comes opportunity. Professionals tend to travel more frequently allowing them to step out on their mates.”

The service also found additional demographic data for some of the top neighbourhoods:

  • Members with highest number of affair partners are from Menlo Park
  • Most loyal members with least number of affair partners are from Hatfield
  • Members with most children (on average) are from Waterkloof
  • Most female members are from Menlo Park
  • Highest number of religious members are from Irene
  • Youngest members are from Centurion


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