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'Beardvertising' uses magnificent beards as ad space

Times LIVE | 2013-05-21 11:03:14.0
'Beardvertising' via a clip-on mini billboard on a man's beard. The new concept sees companies paying bearded people to advertise their product on their beards.
Image by: beardvertising.com

A US-based advertising agency has developed a concept that sees people’s beards being used as mini billboards, according to a report.

“I think it's the next big thing," agency Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions’ Whit Hiler told Business Insider. "Everybody loves beards.”

The scheme pays men with facial hair $5 a day to walk around with a mini ad in their beards.

The ad comes in the form of a clip-on mini billboard, much like a hair clip, the patent for which the Beardvertising website says is pending.

Previously, Green Day was one of many to buy ad space on Japanese girls' temporarily tattooed thighs and many consumers sold body space for real tattoos of now-bust dot com businesses' URLs, so ‘Beardvertising’, as it’s called, isn't that strange of a concept, and is seen as “half joke, half genius”.

Hiler told BI that the campaign isn't limited to Kentucky, but will be exported "anywhere that there were epic beards willing to host these little ‘beardboards’”.

While this platform does serve a promotional piece, Hiler said: “We're getting a ton of emails from guys with epic beards that want to host beardboards and we're actually in talks with some brands that want to be Beardvertisers.

“I think we'll probably be seeing some 'beardboards' in the wild before too long.”

Men (or women) with beards can sign up on the website.


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