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Most gym-goers wash their clothes once every third workout: survey

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Vitality rules state that a member must visit the gym 36 times in a 12-month period

When it comes to keeping gym clothes clean, a new survey finds that most people wash their clothes only after every third workout. Women are the worst offenders, the survey said, with just 21% washing their gym clothes after each and every workout.

A poll of 1 456 British fitness fans revealed that the top excuses included saving for a bigger wash, not having enough gym clothing, or just not being bothered. Still, 44% said that working out next to smelly people negatively impacts their workout.

Even among those who washed their gym clothes after every use, a third revealed that they actually just meant that they switch out their workout top.

The research, announced Wednesday, was conducted by sport and fitness retailer

"If you're out road running then I suppose delaying the wash isn't so bad," said CEO Maz Darvish. "But if you're in the confines of a gym, you definitely need to respect the sensitivities of other gym users.

I'm sure many of us have found ourselves next to somebody on the treadmill who doesn't exactly smell of roses. It's not a pleasant experience. Try not to be that person!"


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