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Stress wired in the blood

A blood test that detects stress and shows when it is damaging the heart has been developed.

Gene-editing to beat HIV

A cure for HIV and Aids could be a few years away now that scientists have proved that they can snip the virus off infected cells and prevent it returning.

How male hormone can save old men

Older men with clogged arteries who have testosterone therapy seem to have a lower risk of a heart attack than men who do not take the hormone, according to a study published on Sunday.

'I was doing my grade 12 and I realised that my penis did not function or get hard'

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not just for older men. While studies show that even younger men battle the condition, most men may not be ready to talk about it.

Life & Style

Putting on a 'happy face' for their children can make parents feel worse says new research

Although parents may believe that they are doing the right thing by hiding negative emotions from their children, new research suggests suppressing negative emotions in front of children and putting on a ‘happy face' can actually leave parents feeling worse and have a negative effect on their well-being and parent-child bonds.

New study advises seniors to stay behind the wheel for good health

Individuals who continue to drive as they head into later life have more to gain than just a feeling of independence, with a new US study showing that seniors who who don't stop getting behind the wheel also benefit from better health than those who stop driving.

No link between contraceptive pill and birth defects: study

Oral contraceptives taken just before or during pregnancy do not increase the risk of birth defects, according to a large-scale study.

Alcohol toxic during pregnancy

There are more than 428 medical conditions, diseases or developmental problems related to foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Breathe yourself better

Not that we want to add to your list of new year's resolutions, but if we could just suggest one more it would be to take a breath.

Show and tell: The house with a pink heart

Beyond a narrow doorway delicately framed by jasmine, and a sign in a quirky, looping script, is something delightfully unusual.

Novel Statement: Fifty shades of white

Ferial Haffajee's book What If There Were No Whites in South Africa? pretends to ask a bold question.

House Rules: Chandler's curious kingdom

Looking for a genuinely unique shopping-and-art spot? Take a stroll up Church Street in the Cape Town CBD and keep an eye out for a narrow, unassuming doorway that's delicately framed by a thriving jasmine plant.

Opening Hours: Give Melville hope, Jo'anna

There was a time when Melville lost a bit of its cool factor. Beset by competition from Braamfontein and Maboneng, the old neighbourhood looked destined to decay into a watering hole for ageing hippies.


US performs its first uterus transplant

The United States has completed its first uterus transplant surgery, following on a technique already proven in Sweden that could help women suffering from infertility, the Cleveland Clinic said Thursday.

Older men giving young girls HIV‚ says study

Young schoolgirls in South Africa are contracting HIV from older men‚ a study released on Monday reveals.

Eating soy may help women undergoing IVF

A new study has found that eating soy regularly could help protect women from the harmful effects of bisphenol A, which can interfere with IVF treatment.

Ban skin-lightening products‚ KwaZulu-Natal academic urges

The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s head of dermatology on Thursday called for a ban on “the sale and use of skin-lightening products”.

What drove women to lie in an HIV clinical trial in southern Africa

Two years ago women were found to have lied in a clinical trial in South Africa for a new HIV drug.

South African politicians reflect on personal HIV stories

To live with HIV, there must be a will, and acceptance.

Early exposure to dogs could lower asthma risk

Swedish researchers have looked at data on more than one million Swedish children and found that those who grew up with dogs had a 15% lower risk of asthma.

How a drug can help prevent 5000 girls being infected with HIV every week

South Africa has became one of the first African countries to license a fixed-dose combination of anti-retrovirals to be used as an oral pre-exposure prophylaxis.
A new study shows that paternal health at the time of conception can have a big influence on offspring's health.

Wits launches new centre to tackle Africa's ‘obesity epidemic’

Our bodies like to keep us fat‚ making it hard to shed kilos. This means the best way to stop obesity is to prevent it.