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Japanese porn star in workbook angers Indonesian parents

Sapa | 2012-09-23 14:44:12.0
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Indonesian authorities are investigating how a picture of a Japanese porn star came to be printed on a junior high school worksheet, media reports say.

An English subject worksheet for third-year students at an Islamic school in East Java contained the image of the porn star Maria Ozawa, popularly known as Miyabi.

Students were asked to describe the picture, in which Ozawa was clothed.

"There's a subtle message in the picture that could actually infiltrate their minds," Ibnu Hamad, spokesman for the Education and Culture Ministry, told the Jakarta Post. "They have to find an answer to the question and could easily search the internet to find out who she is."

The worksheet has sparked criticism among parents, with one writing on the news portal kompas.com that "if it is not withdrawn, we fear it would ruin the student's morality."


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