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Happy Birthday Food Weekly

Food Weekly | 2012-08-30 11:55:35.0

As we celebrate our first birthday, the team picks their favourite recipes from our first year of fabulous food


Hilary Biller, editor

GRAVAD LAX WITH MUSTARD SAUCE, CHRISTMAS ISSUE: Salmon has become more accessible and affordable and certainly adds a sense of luxury and celebration to any occasion. The method, rather than a recipe, is a time-honoured tradition.

Sue de Groot, managing editor

RICOTTA AND SPINACH GNOCCHI WITH FIVE-CHEESE SAUCE, CHEESE ISSUE: Take fresh, healthy spinach and combine it with six types of cheese (if you count the ricotta) and you have all seven of my favourite food groups.

Gila Wilensky, designer

THAI POMELO AND PRAWN SALAD WITH LIME DRESSING: I'm always looking for new ways to brighten up my greens. I love salad, seafood, bold colours and pretty pictures. This palette of flavours and textures includes them all.


Kelly Chrystal, stylist

SOUVLAKI WITH TZATZIKI, GREEK ISSUE: Sometimes the simplest food is the best. I loved the Greek kebabs with tzatziki. They balanced so well and gave me inspiration for a simple home dinner.

Craig Scott, food photographer

PLUM TARTS, AUTUMN ISSUE: I'm not really a sweet-taste kinda guy, but these tarts had me at first bite. Silky smooth, with a refreshing fruity aftertaste, they would have me sneaking one last mouthful after I'd already brushed my teeth for bed.

Lucy Markewicz, food preparation

PORK AND APPLE PIES, LITTLE CHEF ISSUE: They are so quick and easy to make and my daughter loves getting stuck in to help.

Neil Roake, consultant

BAKLAVA CHEESECAKE, CHEESE ISSUE: This is hands down the best cheesecake, with a Greek twist. I am not a big baker, but this is easy. When I couldn't find phyllo pastry, I made it with a ginger biscuit base for my son's 12th birthday. He loved it.

Claire Clark, stylist

STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING, COMFORT ISSUE: These little puddings are luxurious and the generous quantity of sticky toffee allows you to smother them with lashings of the sauce. They made my family very happy.


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