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5-Star BMW is not what it seems to be

By PHUTI MPYANE | 2012-02-06 21:18:04.0

Not many would toy with the idea of pimping a car, splurging out on add-ons such as bigger alloys, tail fins and diffusers.

The odds against this happening are even higher if the car is an expensive luxury sedan. But then again, there are those who would like nothing more than to "slam" a BMW 5 Series - the very latest F10 no less.

Our friends at Prior Design who, it seems, like nothing more than to amuse themselves with beautifying Deutschland's finest, have done it again.

We lastfeatured a new aero pack for the current Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé, resulting in two types of look - a sleek, seductive silhouette or a rampaging DTM car wannabe. It's now the turn of BMW's new 5 Series, a car that fortunately carries off its sporting appearance very well.

This is evidenced by BMW's own efforts to sprinkle some fairy dust on standard models with sports packages that give the car a heavy-set chin and a strong jawline, attractive race-inspired wheels and a spoiler to pump up its rump.

Mind you, the BMW 5 Series also has an iconic nameplate in the M5.

With that model making waves around the world, you may have wanted your own M5 - only to find you don't have enough cash to buy one.

Help is at hand and, though I'm not a fan of the "fake-badge syndrome", this Prior Design idea is acceptable.

This new body kit is designed to fit any of the F10 Series so that you can give that lowly 520d some much needed shoulder pads.

The kit consists of a redesigned front spoiler, reminiscent of the younger BMW 1M Coupe with its integrated side-slats.

Side skirts are also worked into the flanks to lower the profile of the car on the road.

To fill the wheels arches, buyers can shoose between a blackened alloy wheel - which matches the black Prior design strip and really sends the message that the owner is a bit younger - or a less vocal silver option that retains a bit of dignity.

More proof of a youthful outlook is a rear, more prominent diffuser. A subtle, carbon fibre roof spoiler flows effortlessly in line with the black painted roof.

But what really sets this Prior Design 5 Series apart are quad tailpipes that are reminiscent of the M3 and finsh off a cat-back exhaust system.

This last feature should be reserved a 550i or 535i only. The noise potential gives me goose-bumps. But a diesel 5 Series with this kit may look the part but will just show how deeply misguided you are about the ethos of pimping a car. You don't want that.


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