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81% of SA murders hit black households

Sapa | 2014-01-26 11:13:18.0
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Eighty one percent of murders in South Africa take place in black households, according to the SA Institute for Race Relations (SAIRR) in it's 2013 survey, according to a report.

Because 79 percent of South African households according to the latest census figures are black, this figure shows black people are impacted proportionally harder by murder than other population groups, Rapport reported

Of the 14.6 million households in South Africa, 79 percent are black, 11 percent white, 7.3 percent coloured and 2.3 percent Indian, says Statistics SA (SSA).

"It can't be true to say that one racial group, especially whites, are targeted more than another," said Frans Cronje, the incoming CEO of SAIRR. "And I don't think it is a tendency that will change quickly."

According to the SA Police Service 16 259 people were murdered in 2013.


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