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Even ice cream sellers struggle in Joburg's heat

Wim Pretorius | 2016-01-07 18:49:54.0
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As the heatwave swept across the country, Johannesburg’s public spaces were largely deserted on Thursday, and even an ice cream seller was finding life difficult.

"It is a tough day. You’d think it would be perfect for selling ice cream, but there is no one here to buy it," said a vendor at Zoo Lake in Parkview who identified himself only as Petru.

With the sun at its zenith, the park was deserted. Not a soul was to be seen in any of the boats for hire.

With temperatures in the city reaching 39°C, people kept to the shadows, stayed indoors, or found swimming pools.

At the indoor Linden public swimming pool, supervisor Allaister Lee said it was unusual for it to be so busy during weekdays.

"Usually Sundays are our busiest days, but today looks to be an exception. I don’t know where this heat is coming from. It’s ridiculous," he said.

Thato Ntsoeu, who works at an Engen petrol station in Northcliff, said ice packs were one of their biggest-selling products. They had sold out several times in the past month.

Johannesburg’s City Power called on people to switch of their geysers, as they did not need hot water.

In the Northern Cape, Hennes von Wielligh, from Keimoes, sent a picture of the temperature gauge in his car registering 47°C on Monday.

'It feels like living under the devil’s arm'

According to Elphia Baard, who lives in the same area, the heat had melted the tar on the roads.

"It was so hot that my shoe got stuck in the tar on the way to work. The water stays warm and the air conditioner doesn’t even function in this heat. It feels like living under the devil’s arm," she said.

Social media users complained about the heat on Thursday, using the hashtag "#heatwave".

South Africans tweeted about their experiences of the high temperatures:

You know its hot when your phone says "cannot use flash until phone has cooled down"... #heatwave pic.twitter.com/zujRi7EglS

— Tanya Heydenrych (@TanyaHeydenrych) January 7, 2016

This heatwave though, even the wind is on fire.. Smh

— Zano (@ZanoJobe) January 7, 2016

Tomorrow is going to be cold. Only 33 degrees of C. #heatwave

— Werner (@pyrosa) January 7, 2016

#Gauteng #heatwave #heatwavemustfall pic.twitter.com/TL6JeJP7fH

— I Love South Africa (@iLoveRSA) January 7, 2016


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