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JMPD cop in disabled bay allegedly calls man a 'f***ing white a**hole' for asking him to move

Times LIVE | 08 January, 2016 11:17
JMPD vehicle. File photo
Image by: Reuben Goldberg

Dimpie Theron was taking her disabled elderly friend to pay her municipal bills at the Roodepoort City Hall in Berlandina Street.

According to the Roodepoort Record when the pair arrived, a JMPD van was parked in the disabled bays. Theron asked a nearby officer to move the vehicle.

The officer allegedly responded by telling them to “find another f***ing parking”.

According to an affidavit Steven van Eeden decided to get involved, telling the officer that the pair were elderly and one of them was disabled.

“He got out of the vehicle and started swearing at me, calling me a f***ing white a**hole,”  Eeden said.

The officer also allegedly told Eeden to not take his “white tendencies” out in public, while pushing Eeden around.

Another officer in the vehicle eventually managed to get the aggressive cop into the van - but not to stop his swearing as they pulled out of the parking spot.

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar told the Record that the victims should lodge a complaint so that internal affairs could investigate the officer for misconduct.


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