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'Our Perfect Wedding' groom sold marital home behind wife's back: report

Times LIVE | 2016-01-18 11:30:34.0
Wanda and Ratanang.
Image by: Our Perfect Wedding Mzansi via Facebook

A man who appeared on the hit show 'Our Perfect Wedding' and was arrested shortly thereafter for fraud is said to have attempted to dupe his wife when he sold their marital home behind her back.

Wanda Mhobo made headlines recently when he left his wife at the altar while the cameras were rolling on Our Perfect Wedding.

Mhobo and his wife, Ratanang eventually got married when he resurfaced a day later after disappearing from their white wedding ceremony. But their marital woes had just begun as he was arrested for forging a proof of payment to a wedding organiser and venue. Mhobo was released from jail after settling the R30,000 outstanding bill he owed the wedding organisers as they opted to drop the charges.

Mhobo's father in-law told police they would not bail him out because he had allegedly sold his daughter's house for R1 million behind her back and kept the cash without telling her. A police officer relayed this to Sunday World.

"He [father] said the wife only found out when she received a call from the estate agent asking when they were moving out of the house because the new owner wanted to move in," said the police officer.

The officer went onto explain Mhobo had tried to force his wife to send their two children to live with his mother in the Eastern Cape.

"She refused and questioned his motive. She told him the kids were part of their happy family and they should not be taken to the villages. The father said Mhobo deserved what he was getting and said they were not planning to bail him out," another officer said.

Mhobo, his wife and father-in-law refused to comment on the matter.


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