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Justice served as final Farmer rapist, killer sentenced to 23 years behind bars

AARTI J NARSEE | 2016-02-02 17:24:07.0

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Justice has finally been served for the family of Valencia Farmer who was raped and murdered 17 years ago.

Elmario Eugene Maasdorp, 38, was sentenced to 23 years direct imprisonment at the Blue Downs Magistrates Court. This comes after he entered into a plea and sentencing agreement with the state.

Farmer was repeatedly raped and stabbed during June 1999 by Maasdorp, Franklyn Llewelyn Roberts, Russel van Wyk and Glenville Faro.

She was found by a neighbour in the early hours of the morning at a dilapidated house and later died at  Tygerberg Hospital. All four were arrested but charges were withdrawn against Maasdorp due to lack of evidence.

Roberts and Faro were later sentenced to life imprisonment, while van Wyk was sentenced to 23 years.

Maasdorp was rearrested last September after new information came to light.

Advocate Louis van Niekerk, who has been involved with the case since the beginning, said: “We are relieved that all the accused who were involved in the cruel and very gruesome murder of Valencia Farmer have been arrested and sentenced to an imprisonment term."

“She was 14 years old, she had her life ahead of her, there was no provocation and she was very vulnerable at the time. Her gruesome death led to her mother’s depression and we hope that she will find closure. "

He said that Farmer’s mother was happy with the sentence and was receiving help from a social worker so she could get closure.

NPA spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said in a statement: "The NPA welcomes the sentence and hope it sends a clear message that no matter how long it takes, the law will catch up with criminals and we will ensure that they get their day in court and are sentenced for actions."


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