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DA students say ‘#WTF’ to #RhodesMustFall

TMG Digital | 2016-02-17 12:35:17.0
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The Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (Daso) on Wednesday answered the violence of the #RhodesMustFall with “#WTF”.

Daso interim leader Yusuf Cassim said Tuesday night’s “situation on campus quickly escalated into a violent display of illegal and destructive actions executed by members of the movement”.

“The actions that we have seen from the Rhodes Must Fall movement undermine our hard-won political freedoms and rights to peaceful civil action‚” said Cassim.

“Burning of artwork and busses threatens to distract from the real issues on campus and is only hurting poor students who rely on the free services provided by the university.” He said the “issue of accommodation is a legitimate and serious concern” at “campuses across South Africa”‚ and students would be “further negatively impacted by a movement that seeks to divide students using racial rhetoric and divisive actions”.

“We call for students to unite in the face of divisive forces who do not seek progress but instead seek to take our country backwards and destroy Nelson Mandela's project of reconciliation‚” Cassim said. He said Daso would “continue to fight for you and hold government accountable for the lack of funding‚ without disrupting your education”.

This it would do through it “#WTF campaign”‚ which seeks “to find sustainable solutions to the problems plaguing campuses and we urge all students to join us in a fight to rebuild our campuses instead of destroying it”.

#WTF may not be the best choice for a social media campaign. When TMG Digital searched for the hashtag on Twitter‚ the first two results were unusual musings...

hilz muk ‏@hillaman21 observed: “im relaxing on the couch watching a movie and 2 flies decide my nose is a cozy place to have sex #wtf”‚ while Jim T Duffy ‏@JimTDuffy pondered: “Why oh why does the bus stink of celery? I HATE celery!!! #wtf #celery #dublinbus”.


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