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Celeste Nurse: I experienced a touching moment when my family was reunited

Agency Staff | 2016-03-15 16:17:12.0
Celeste Nurse, the biological mother of Zephany Nurse, and family members leave the Cape Town Magistrate's Court.

Witnessing Zephany Nurse interact with her siblings a few months back was a touching moment, her biological mother Celeste Nurse told Heart FM this week.

“I feel like the first time I saw them together, I thought: ‘Wow Celeste, why did you have such a lot of kids?” she told host Aden Thomas with a laugh, in a conversation broadcast on Tuesday morning.

“[They were] a huge family, all much taller than me but as a mom it was the most beautiful experience ever to have my family back together and my kids; to see them laughing and catching up.”

Thomas asked if there was still contact between the siblings. She replied that there was not.

“That is [tough] on all three of my kids, especially my son who talks about her and cries: when is he going to see her? And it is very difficult for them because they really miss Zephany,” she said.

“All their life they have known about a sister who has been abducted and finally, she’s here, their own biological sister, but still they don’t have the right to see her; [are] still being kept away from her.”

She believed she would see her daughter again because blood was thicker than water.

The Western Cape High Court last week convicted a 51-year-old woman of kidnapping, fraud, and contravening the Children’s Act. She was expected to be sentenced at the end of May.

Thomas asked what Celeste had come to learn about the type of person her daughter was.

She said Zephany was most definitely like herself. They looked similar, although the young woman was a bit taller.

She was intelligent, confident and outspoken. At the same time she was shy at times and very soft inside.

“Anything makes her cry. This has actually traumatised my daughter. She was devastated on the day that her mom was found guilty. She cried the whole day.”

She said the media did not know the real story behind the scenes - the hurt, suffering or pain.

Zephany was caught in the middle.

“She is only a child. She is not an adult.”

Celeste asked that people respect her daughter’s privacy and leave her alone.

Source: News 24


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