Sun Dec 04 14:20:07 SAST 2016

WATCH: Cure or cause for constipation? Toilet snake still on loose in Pretoria

Julia Madibogo | 2016-11-30 15:34:43.0
The snouted cobra is a highly venomous species, noted for also being quite nervous.
Image by: Anton Meijer ‏@antonnies via Twitter

A snouted cobra which was spotted in a toilet at a block of flats in Pretoria is still on the loose.

A video of the venomous serpent being pulled from a toilet at Glenletta Courts in Lynnwood Glen was posted on social media on November 24 by one of the residents.

It has been six days and the snake catcher‚ Barry Greenshields‚ said the black snake was still nowhere to be found.

"No‚ we don’t have any idea where it might be or anything. No luck at all‚" Greenshields said.

He has been tasked with finding the more than 2m long slithery snake and has been going from flat to flat looking into resident’s toilets in hopes of saving the panicking residents from the uninvited guest.

Earlier reports stated that residents of the flats are prepared to take matters into their own hands.

"There [is] talk about using pool acid‚ Jeyes Fluid and hot water in the drains to ensure the snake is dead‚” one resident was reported as saying on Tuesday.


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