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Mon May 01 00:30:08 SAST 2017

Deluge‚ debris and Dineo: tropical cyclone batters Mozambique

Jan Bornman | 2017-02-15 22:01:48.0
Tropical cyclone Dineo left a trail of destruction in its path on Wednesday.
Image by: Carlos Carvalho

Tropical cyclone Dineo left a trail of destruction in its path on Wednesday as it hit the northern coast of Mozambique‚ before making its way to Maputo and parts of South Africa.

"There's a lot of damage around. People and businesses in the area around us will have suffered a lot of damage when we start looking at it‚" said Brian Jefferies of Jeff's Palm Resort in Praia de Jangamo‚ Inhambane province where the storm struck Wednesday afternoon.


He said roofs had been blown off houses and businesses‚ overhanging electricity and telephone cables had been damaged‚ and trees were uprooted.

"I really hope the worst is over‚ but we can only hope for the best‚" he said.



"From what I can see now‚ the tide is pulling back a bit. Low tide was at 19:30 tonight‚ so we're hoping the worst is behind us‚" he said.

Jefferies‚ who had been driving up and down the coastline in his 4x4 for most of the day to film and document the storm in Facebook videos‚ said he had a close encounter when he was nearly struck by a wave.



"I was being stupid‚ but there was one close call. I was a little scared when it happened‚ but it's nothing serious."

The Mozambican government earlier sent out a statement warning people in areas such as Inhambane about the storm‚ and that winds could reach speeds of more than 100km/h.


The statement further warned that a lot of rain could be expected over the next 24 hours.

After 8pm on Wednesday‚ the storm had reportedly reach the country's capital‚ with heavy rains experienced in Maputo.



The SA Weather Service warned that the storm would be reaching South Africa by Thursday‚ while the government moved to assure people all the necessary precautions had been made in anticipation of the arrival of the tropical cyclone.

"We have activated all the provincial emergency teams. We have been meeting and planning to make sure we minimise the impact of this storm‚" said Legadima Leso‚ spokesperson for the department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.




The department is in charge of arranging and coordinating all disaster interventions‚ emergency support and rehabilitation projects.

"We have been communicating will all the relevant people and made sure communities are prepared for all the possible interventions‚" he said.


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