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Wed May 24 07:56:56 SAST 2017

Storm of our Generations - #Dineo memes will blow you away

TimesLive | 2017-02-16 11:19:26.0
"Me waiting for Dineo" - one of the funny memes doing the rounds as #Dineo approaches
Image by: Twitter/@TumeloGivenMele

With Dineo shifting its gaze from Mozambique to South Africa, social media has wasted no time seeing the funnier side of the approaching storm.

The storm has been downgraded to ex-Dineo as she makes her way towards Limpopo and Mpumalanga. South Africa is bracing for the fury of Dineo today as it shifts from battering Mozambique's coastline with howling gales and torrential downpours.

What we can expect when Dineo hits Mzansi is heavy rainfall of 100mm to 200mm per day. This tropical storm got its name Dineo from the Botswana's weather bureau. Social media was buzzing with memes that will put you in stitches.


When you think they couldn't do better than this, twitter took it one step further with the #ThingsDineoShouldTakeWithHer, throwing shade at President Jacob Zuma, the IFP leader's stylists  as well as Baleka Mbete, shem.







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