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Mon May 29 22:57:09 SAST 2017

This little piggy went to Durban - plush neighbourhood puzzled by porcine mystery

Jeff Wicks | 2017-02-16 11:47:18.0
Durban North resident Wayne Steytler couldn't believe it when he saw a pot-bellied pig roaming around his suburb.

Why did the pig cross the road? And‚ more importantly‚ what the hell was it doing there in the first place?

Residents in plush Durban North were mystified on Wednesday evening when a wayward pig was spotted roaming around under the streetlights: Where did it come from; did it have an owner; why was it gnawing at the grassy verge?

Photo supplied by WAYNE STEYTLER

TMG Digital has unravelled the mystery of the pot bellied porky. His name is Forest Gump‚ and he did a runner - breaking out of its owner's yard.

Nikita Phillips‚ whose mother owns Forest Gump‚ said the 6-month-old pig often grew cantankerous when not fed on time‚ and probably escaped through a hole in their perimeter wall.

“The wall to our neighbour's property fell down in a flood and it hasn’t been repaired. He must have followed the dogs through and then out on to the road. My mom loves him and he is her third pig. I don’t know why‚ because I am scared of him. He gets so grumpy if he isn’t fed on time and he really enjoys maas and bread‚ but no veggies‚” Phillips said.

Forest Gump’s escapade went viral on Facebook after he was spotted by Durban North resident Wayne Steytler.

“My dogs were going mad. I looked outside and I couldn’t believe my eyes. At first I thought it was a dog‚" he said.

Steytler‚ with his kids in tow‚ managed to grab Forest Gump before Marshall Security guards returned him home safely.


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