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Sat Apr 29 01:44:09 SAST 2017

Former Social Development DG 'burglary' - the plot thickens

TMG Digital | 2017-03-21 09:13:42.0
Former social development DG Zane Dangor
Image by: Facebook/South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)

Former Director General of the Social Development department Zane Dangor says his family is traumatised by a suspicious “burglary” at his home.

And in another twist‚ it has emerged that one of the vehicles involved in the break-in may have been used to try and gain access to the home of SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) CEO Thokozani Magwaza on Monday.

The break-in comes just days after the Constitutional Court ruled on a case involving the process for the further payment of social grants beyond the end of March.

On Friday the court ruled that the current grant administration company Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) could continue paying grants for another year.

This after the SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) failed to set up an in-house grants payment system as required by an earlier judgment in the matter.

Dangor resigned over the grants crisis earlier this month‚ as tensions flared within the department.

Dangor said on Tuesday that he viewed the “burglary” at his home as an “act of intimidation” as no valuables had been taken.

Describing the incident‚ which happened late on Monday‚ he told talk radio 702 ( “Two cars had pulled up. The guys in the car got out … told the helper they were there to fix something‚ that I sent them to fix something.

“Before she could do anything they had overpowered her‚ broke the security gate in the front of the house.” She screamed and his son tried to confront one of the attackers “who tried to put a cloth over his mouth.” His son fled and barricaded himself in a bedroom.

“And then the guys apparently went through the house‚ looking in the cupboards. But they took nothing‚ nothing was stolen and then left before the police could arrive.” He said there were valuables lying around‚ left untouched.

Later‚ while he was at hospital where his son‚ who had hurt his hand during the incident‚ was having X-rays‚ he phoned Magwaza to tell him about the ordeal.

Magwaza told him that he had just briefed security officials at Sassa about a car that “had approached his wife in exactly the same way” on Monday. The vehicle's description was similar to one of the cars at Dangor’s home. “They pulled up in the front of his house and said they wanted to sell something. But luckily she did not open up.”

Dangor said the linkages were “odd” but declined to speculate about whether they were related to a burglary at the offices of the Chief Justice. All three parties were involved in the Sassa court case.

“I see it as an act of intimidation for me … the fact that they came and took nothing from me‚ that’s intimidation. I think we need a full investigation to look at the linkages‚” he said.


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