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Cricket not the only thing we can learn from Australia

Yesterday, the premier of an Australian state resigned after misleading a corruption investigation about a gift of a bottle of wine.

State has moral duty to help the Marikana families

The Times Editorial: It now seems increasingly unlikely, after yesterday's Constitutional Court ruling, that the courts will order the government to foot the bill for the legal costs incurred at the Farlam Commission of Inquiry by the families of the 44 people, mostly miners, killed at Marikana last year.

Phiyega's denialism is galling, disrespectful and dangerous

Denialism is a dirty word - it is a pathetic excuse for copping out of one's responsibilities. Disguised, it can be used to shirk or shift responsibility onto others or it can be used to deny the existence of a problem - a very real and continuing deadly problem.

The Big Read: If you want to be a leader, follow these simple steps

So you want to be a leader? That is something I admire, for leadership is the most profound service you can offer to others. But as a veteran of many universities, let me share with you what I observe to be eight critical challenges facing student leadership in South Africa today.

Make room for dancing prop

The big talking point in local rugby circles over the past fortnight has been the fact that the Springboks have one specialist tighthead in their Rugby Championship squad, so I thought I'd add my 84kg of heft to the debate.

Pule exposed: One down but many more in the queue

The Times Editorial: Parliament's Joint Ethics Committee yesterday came down hard on former communications minister Dina Pule, telling her that she had "wilfully misled" it.

Wise to be cautious in introducing third language teaching

The Times Editorial: The decision by Education Minister Angie Motshekga to phase in an African language as a compulsory subject for Grade R and Grade 1 pupils as a pilot project before implementing the new policy in full is eminently sensible.

If disaster strikes, God help Joburg - the metro can't

The Times Editorial: It is scandalous that South Africa's economic hub, Johannesburg, is not fully prepared to deal with a major disaster if one should strike the city because it doesn't have the money to mount an adequate response.

Seriti must assure us that at last we'll get the truth

The Times Editorial : Despite official assurances that the long-awaited inquiry into allegations of corruption in South Africa's multi-billion-rand arms deal is on track, all is not well with the Seriti Commission, whose public hearings are due to start today.

Absence of violence does not mean vote was fair or credible

The Times Editorial: What is one to make of Zimbabwe's chaotic presidential, parliamentary and local elections on Wednesday?

Anything goes in mad scramble for power and privilege

The Times Editorial: There is a dangerous pattern of behaviour developing among some of our politicians. If their actions are not nipped in the bud, they are likely to put our country onto the slippery road of no return.

Jobs crisis: don't be taken in by the usual promises

The Times Editorial: More than 4.7 million people are without work in South Africa and the number will grow for as long as our leaders prioritise political power over jobs.

MDC's efforts likely to go unrewarded in Zimbabwe poll

The Times Editorial: Movment for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai drew large crowds over the past few days as the clock wound down to Zimbabwe's "shotgun" presidential and parliamentary elections.

Zimbabweans must accept that freedom is not easily won

The Times Editorial: It's now or never for Zimbabwe as she prepares to hold national elections on Wednesday. Zimbabwe has been under a political cloud for years and efforts by the African Union and South Africa to return it to normality will work only if its citizens are active participants.

New Weapons Act welcome, but too late for Marikana

The Times Editorial: Yesterday's signing into law of the Dangerous Weapons Act will be welcomed by all right-thinking South Africans.

A stronger black middle class good news for us all

The Times Editorial: A quiet revolution is taking place in our suburbs. In 2005, white buyers of homes in suburban areas represented about 57% of the total, while black languished at 23%, figures supplied by FNB's estate agents surveys show. According to Business Report, FNB's figures for the first two quarters of this year show that about 46.5% of home buyers in the suburbs were white, 32% were black, 12.5% Indian and 9% coloured.

Procrastination will take the country's economy nowhere

The Times Editorial: There is nothing wrong with establishing a task team to decisively deal with highly contentious issues, but there is everything wrong if such a task team is set up just to buy time.

Enforcement, not alcohol limits, will stop road carnage

The Times Editorial: Plans to lower the blood alcohol limit to zero are the latest in a series of moves by the government that some think are turning South Africa into a nanny state.

Brutal neglect of child prisoners is unconscionable

The Times Editorial: A shocking report on the inhumane conditions child prisoners are forced to endure should have every single parent - and politician - demanding immediate intervention.

Lyrics that preach hatred? No thanks

When I first heard Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis’ song ‘Same Love’, I was pleasantly surprised that a hip hop song could be so progressive.

Thatcher will be remembered in polar-opposite ways

The Times Editorial: Perhaps more than any other leader in peace time, Margaret Thatcher, who died yesterday after suffering a stroke, helped refashion the global political landscape.

Supporting the troops doesn’t mean supporting war

I didn’t have anything much I felt confident saying on South Africa’s mission to the Central African Republic right up until the memorial was held for the 13 soldiers killed there.

There are a lot more like Malema - but they get away with it

The Times Editorial: Today, a half-built multimillion-rand mansion fit for a king will go under the hammer in Sandown, northern Johannesburg. It once belonged to former ANC Youth League leader and rabble-rouser Julius Malema.

President missing in action as nation bleeds more jobs

The Times Editorial: Never mind the Guptas and the head of state who is missing in action while his countrymen cry for leadership. The real problem that should make us take to the streets and demand action from this government is that 100000 more people have been added to the list of 4.6million people unemployed.

Zuma hopes that, by flying low, Gupta problem will vanish

The Times Editorial: The deafening silence from President Jacob Zuma's office regarding the landing of a private jet at an air force base is loud and clear.

It's time Zuma axed non-performing cabinet ministers

The Times Editorial: President Jacob Zuma has ordered the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation to look into the shocking conditions in which thousands of pupils in Eastern Cape, especially in rural areas, are schooled.

State power gets another shot of steroids

The Times Editorial: As the furore over the Protection of State Information Bill rages, another contentious piece of draft legislation has crept up on us barely noticed.

South African people need each other - that is all

I’ve been a bit irate with the banter going on after the ‘Blacks need white people’ reader opinion piece was published.

Unions must work for good of nation, not just members

The Times Editorial: We hope that the National Union of Mineworkers' demand that its members be given a 60% wage hike is not just a ploy to win more support in a sector that is bleeding jobs.

Repeated unruly protests will be undoing of nation

The Times Editorial: Another week, another service-delivery protest, so the story about South Africa goes. The continuing protest in Zamdela township in Sasolburg, Free State, has again exposed the thin line we walk as South Africans.