OPINION: Defiant at his end but was Mandoza the face of a one-hit genre?

In his last ever performance‚ at the controversial Thank You SABC concert‚ a frail and gravely ill Mandoza told his audience that he was still alive‚ and that he was going to rock Orlando stadium. “I’m here tonight to perform for you!” the 38-year-old kwaito star shouted. “To show you the devil is a liar! Devil is a liar!”

The Big Read: Give us this day our daily forecast

My grandfather was a quiet man. An old knee injury and worsening deafness had made him withdraw to an armchair where he would read the newspaper, and although he was always glad to see his grandchildren, we sensed that we should not be too boisterous around the silent, dim house.

Black lesbians shot without judgment

The story of South African women could easily, to the uninitiated, read as a litany of victims. We regularly have the highest rape statistics in the world, and in 2012 Interpol called our country the ''rape capital of the world".

The Big Read: All the president's men

The general secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers, David Sipunzi, said something simple, yet profound, at the weekend. Speaking to the Sunday Times, he professed to being unsure about how the president of our republic chooses some of his cabinet ministers.

OPINION: Chinese TV interview belittled Zuma, gently

President Jacob Zuma was in China recently, and he rather recklessly decided to accept an invitation to appear on the Chinese TV interview programme, World Insight, with a very experienced interviewer, Tian Wei. Zuma made a few basic mistakes. The first was to accept the invitation.

The Big Read: The pancakes that colonised our brains

Fifty years ago, the Starship Enterprise slid out of space-dock on her maiden voyage, carrying the hopes of humanity into the deep reaches of uncharted television.

Roman Empire's fall should be a great lesson to ruling ANC

Just like a madman who chases after a mosquito in a closed room, the ruling ANC further dented its image yesterday as it over-reacted to the peaceful march by disgruntled party members.

Power Report: Why local companies need to listen to consumers

If there's one thing this job has revealed, it's what consumers want, or more to the point, what they don't want. It's much the same thing people want from all their relationships: honesty, respect and fair play. I have to wonder why it seems so hard for so many businesses to get it right.