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The Big Read: It's time for talking tough on racism, sexism

It is so disheartening to witness the relentless display of racism and sexism in our educational institutions. From the display of Nazi symbolism in posters on the campus of the University of Stellenbosch to the student posters depicting women as sexual objects at the University of Pretoria, there is no shame in these young men.

Manchester attack shows futility of the 'war on terror'

The suicide bomber attack on concert-goers in Manchester is ghastly and reminds us of the futility of the West's "war on terror".

The Big Read: The limbo of the troops who fought for 'wrong'

Angolan soldiers recruited by South Africa's apartheid government to fight against their homeland's communist government, now live in squalor, forgotten and unwanted.

The Big Read: A murder is announced

1. Some years ago at the Victoria Falls Hotel I met an elderly lady. She sat on a sun lounger on the green lawn with a tartan blanket on her lap, the smoke from the falls rising like bushfire in the distance, reading an Agatha Christie novel. "Oh, that's a good one," I said.

Tragic times for workers as GM decides to pull out

General Motors, which announced yesterday that it was ceasing operations in South Africa at the end of 2017, has a rich history in this country.