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JMPD cop seems to have won this round in the social media ring

Lebohang Nthongoa | 2015-09-01 13:26:48.0

Image by: Simphiwe TheStunt Bongelo via YouTube

Social media is abuzz with reactions to a video in which an officer and a motorist got cheeky with each other.

The video shows a Johannesburg Metro Police Department officer who some say is harassing a motorist, while others believe is just doing her job and is being harassed by the motorist.

The officer is seen in the video taken by the motorist, Clive Naidoo, writing up a ticket for an offence the motorist disputes, from which point the two begin to argue.

As much as she may have been provoked by Naidoo, especially his comment that he pays her salary as a tax payer, I think the argument took an unnecessary turn when the officer taunts the motorist when she says she is happy to be on video 'taken on an Apple phone - because the pictures are superb, super clear', especially because it will make her father proud to see her on TV.

Her own conduct as a professional is compromised by her comments, while the motorist is silent. She is obviously performing for her colleagues and possibly trying to bate the motorist into escalating the situation.

I am surprised by the reaction of most, who seem to be defending and applauding the metro police officer.

As much as Naidoo might have overstepped his bounds, I am certain there is a more polite and professional way she could have addressed the issue, instead of being rude herself.

There has to be a sober participant in this mix, and I would expect that to be the one in uniform (and in authority in this situation).

Others say that a line has been crossed by the officer.

She took it further than it needed to go. I mean, what kind of lesson is she teaching him by laughing at the fact that he lives in Bloubosrand as someone who's 'paying our salaries'?

If any of the people applauding the officer were in Naidoo's shoes, would they appreciate her approach and still see it as right?

Both parties are wrong and one's rudeness does not excuse the other's. None of us like being stopped by traffic cops, and I'm sure the cops meet their fair share of rude motorists. But when you are in that situation, it is both persons' responsibility to take care of their own conduct, and not be set off by the other.

I am curious to see what the JMPD is going to do about this particular case, if the motorist lays a complaint.



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