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Tiara Walters


Tiara Walters writes for the Sunday Times about the environment, climate change and conservation.

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Heart, soil and revolution

The chief chef at the Mount Nelson is cooking up an earth-friendly crusade. The Mount Nelson has been through the wars, all right.

Be nice or they buzz off

Our bees are at risk and we could lose more than just honey. Honeybee colonies across Europe and North America are collapsing. What on earth is going on?

Night of the long pangolins

Conservationists are banding together to save a very secretive creature. Southern Africa's ground pangolin is an indisputably cool mammal - one of the most sought-after creatures on a safari-lover's list, but an animal most of us will likely never see in the wild, thanks to its rarity and secretive nature.

One for the birds

To learn more about vultures, a local conservationist has taken to the sky. Nobody understands vultures quite like Hartebeespoort conservationist Kerri Wolter.

Leopards take April's winning spot

We're pleased to announce the first monthly winner in the Sunday Times Lifestyle/Green Life Photographer of the Year Awards.

From trash to treasure

Taking junk destined for the landfill and turning it into valuable things that people want

Grape balls of fire

Two innovative Capetonians are making braai logs out of grape seeds

Rhino Rip-off

The public needs to be aware of bogus fundraisers cashing in on South Africa's poaching crisis

Predator as prey

With fewer than 3500 left in the ocean, great white sharks are now more endangered than tigers - yet rogue fishermen are still hunting them down and posing next to their bodies like frustrated great white hunters.

South Africa's greenest buildings

Increasing numbers of local developments are showing their carbon credentials

Seven's a crowd

Some time this year the seven-billionth person will be born on this planet. Can the Earth sustain a population this size?

Sack the bag

Want to kick your plastic habit? Here's how you can

Good fish, bad fish

SA has a sensible system of knowing which seafood is sustainably produced, but you have to look for it