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Top ten most clicked Times LIVE columns of 2012

Times LIVE | 2012-12-12 12:45:41.0

These are the most popular columns on Times LIVE for 2012.

1:) The life of a woman who had the gall to enjoy sex - Andrew Donaldson
A column by Andrew Donaldson about the book Country Girl: A Memoir, by Edna O'Brien, an autobiograpy about their author and the resistance she faced in Ireland, where, to quote Donaldson, "the problem, she maintained, was not that she was a woman, but that she thought of herself as glamorous and, unfortunately, she enjoyed sex."

2:) THE BIG READ: Dear Jobless Graduate - Jonathan Jansen
Jobless Graduate writes to me often, posing a question filled with emotion and frustration. "I have a degree, but I cannot find a job. How do you explain that, professor?"

3:) My boobs are off limits - Jackie May
It's been a while since I paid attention to Time magazine, but last week it was impossible to ignore.

4:) Apple is gunning for Google - Toby Shapshak
At the heart of Apple's now successful patent court cases against Samsung is not just its desire to protect its iPhone business but a proxy war with Google.

5:) Our gangster state - Justice Malala
Now that the ANC has managed to get rid of Julius Malema, its troublesome youth league president, and his rude sidekick Floyd Shivambu, the party might want to concentrate on something meatier. It might want to ask its president, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, what kind of rotten state he is running in its name.

6:) Hands off the Mother Monster - Nikita Ramkissoon
he whole of Johannesburg has gone Gaga. Hardly any work is being done. People are talking about their outfits. Bad Romance blares from speakers in offices, cars and homes. Some have taken the day off to be first in line.

7:) ANC a hissing pressure cooker - Justice Malala
There is no doubt that the ANC is in huge trouble and deep pain. This is no longer in question. The symptoms are there for all to see.

8:) Zuma is above mere middle-class morality- Justice Malala
It is truly amazing to what levels of depravity President Jacob Zuma manages to make men stoop.

9:) Whoa! Is Phosa taking on JZ? - Justice Malala
Excuse me, but was that a raised hand I just saw? Was that Mathews Phosa's hand waving from afar? Has he, finally, girded his loins and put himself forward to lead the ANC?

10:) Leave the chief alone - Justice Malala
It is time to leave President Jacob Zuma alone. Every day now, people like me have turned the man from Nkandla into a political whipping boy. We criticise him, we deride him, we stand appalled at his inanities and his actions. We rail at him. We are outraged by his sheer lack of appreciation of the office he occupies.


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