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Thu Oct 23 05:06:42 SAST 2014

Caught in kiss trap

Shrink Rap and Supernanny | 07 January, 2013 00:15
A party kiss can have long-range effects

I smooched my boss at an office party. Now I am too embarrassed to go back to work. How do I deal with this awkward situation


TRY to understand your feelings regarding what your kiss meant. Given that this happened at an office party, you were both probably drinking alcohol. If so, you could dismiss the event by blaming it on the alcohol.

But it's still useful to gain a deeper understanding of what transpired. The issue you need to address is whether the kiss was the acting out of deeper feelings towards your boss or simply a meaningless act based on momentary instincts.

If there is more to the kiss than impulsiveness and there really are feelings under the surface, then you need to decide whether those feelings are mutual or held by only one of you. If the feelings are on your part only and not reciprocated, then it is best for you simply to apologise for an impulsive act committed in party spirit and put the whole thing behind you.

If feelings are mutual, decide together how best to manage your relationship in the future.


IT TAKES two to tango - but when you have behaved in a manner which you later regret, it is usually better to own up and apologise.

After that, only behave in a professional manner - then this incident can slip into the history books of ''one of my most embarrassing moments".

If left unspoken , the issue will loom larger and become a burden of guilt.

So be honest with yourself and your boss. Ask whether you can both put it behind you.

If it is not possible to put it behind you, look for another job. - Stephanie Dawson-Cosser


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