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Cut the sexting connections

Shrink Rap | 2013-08-27 00:38:14.0


My teen daughter is taking and sharing suggestive photos of herself, how do I stop this?


SEXTING is widespread among teens, despite the warnings, education and horror stories that abound. Underage teens do not realise that despite their playful intentions, this constitutes the sharing of child porn online, which is a criminal offence.

Make a contract with your daughter. The contract must start with her acknowledging that owning a phone is a privilege and comes with responsibilities to her parents, herself and others. Ensuring her own and other people's safety is one of these responsibilities.

There must be an explicit agreement that she will not use her cellphone for any malicious purpose, like bullying or taking pictures or videos of nudity, violence or other unlawful activity, unless it is with a view to reporting a crime.

Because the line between flirting and sexting has become so thin, she should agree to do none of this with her phone.

She must also agree to controls and limits on who has her cellphone number, and to only chat with people she knows and has met. Your daughter must know that if she abuses the privilege of having a phone, it will be confiscated. - Leonard Carr

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