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Our celebrity leaders

Bruce Gorton | 2013-09-20 13:08:11.0

South Africa has a problem, our leaders are celebrities.

Our president’s house renovations are costing us R200 million rand, public works is willing to spend R200 to rent a wine glass, and one of the police spokesmen moonlights as a pimp.

Meanwhile a Hyde-Park fashion boutique is considered to be a great empowerment investment.

The fact that our government is so fashion conscious isn’t surprising when you consider how much of the Dina Pule scandal could be summed up with the word “shoes”.

The sexcapades of Zwelinzima Vavi and what seems to be about half our country’s academic faculty only add to the general sense that there is something missing in all of this.

All we need is Gwede Mantahse to stick his tongue out inappropriately while twerking, and our country’s transformation will be complete.

It couldn’t cause any more eye cancer than Miley Cyrus already did.

Heck, we already call our president J.Z.

This country has the potential to go first world quite quickly – if we can get government officials who are more into running the country than living like pop-stars.

Maybe if we went with less over-the-top personalities in our government, e-tolls wouldn’t be such an issue.

And it doesn’t look like we are developing great leaders much in the future either. The Economic Freedom Fighters are basically a movement with a really nice hat, and leaders with questionable histories of paying their taxes.

Amcu, our youngest union, seems to not quite grasp the idea that our cops believe more in thug-life principles than a lot of our robbers do.

Well at least the robbers who aren’t cops.

And meanwhile in Vanderbijlpark we have a bunch of racist high schoolers forcing people to drink their own piss. Great, now our country is becoming a Ke$ha video.

I could remain sour about all of this, but when we aren’t pretending to be on America’s pop charts, every now and then we get stuff like UWC helping the world figure out how to watch entire galaxies, like HXMM01, bone.

In all the negativity it is easy to forget that we are capable of doing that – and that is a pity.

Because when you get right down to it, despite every single negative thing I have just highlighted, our country is surviving. Stories like HXMM01 remind me that while our country is full of trip-ups, at least we seem to be tripping forward.


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