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Jacob Zuma, our 'Cheese Boy' president

Lebohang Nthongoa | 2013-11-21 12:05:40.0
Jacob Zuma. File photo
Image by: Times Media

Our dear president is yet again in the headlines, and for reasons I am certain he would rather not have publicised.

And they are all about the Benjamins, baby! Or most of them anyway.

Yesterday President Jacob Zuma was a headliner because his attorneys were reportedly paid more than R8.8 million to represent him in court during the past four years.

Couple that with the financial aspect of Nkandlagate, and we have one of the most controversial and expensive presidents South Africa has ever seen.

I try to keep myself from going crazy with how politicians spend 'our' money because to me, every politician is as bad as the next one.

But there seems to be blatant 'entitlement' by Zuma when it comes to how deep he dips into South Africa's bottomless coffers.

Regardless of what stories political parties sell to us come election time, I somehow don't see any other prospective president behaving in too different a manner. It's just that Zuma isn't very good at keeping his financial indiscretions out of the media.

Even when he has vacated his seat, South Africa will be footing the bill to maintain him, and the many Mrs Zumas. I'm almost over feeling anything about this fact, especially because I can do nothing about it.

I'm just waiting to see what can of worms opens up if he takes the chief's seat for a second term next year.


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