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ANC greed could swallow this country whole

The Times Editorial | 2012-12-05 00:44:47.0

The Times Editorial: The signs are there for everyone to see, and those who care about this country continue to warn us about the dangers that lie ahead, but it seems that many government officials remain in deep slumber.

Yesterday, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe took the moral high road and spoke truth to power, reminding his fellow ANC members of their duty to the nation.

As the ANC prepares for its 53rd elective conference next week, Motlanthe could be left out in the cold because of his refusal to join a prearranged leadership slate that would have safeguarded his position.

The ANC is under attack by ordinary South Africans who feel that the party has deserted them, leaving their lives stalled.

In recent interviews, Motlanthe warned ANC members that, if they failed to listen to the concerns of ordinary South Africans, voters would choose a new political home.

He said the party needed to hear the truth and stop basking in past glories.

As the ANC delegates prepare their slates and take orders from their campaign managers, they should take note of what Motlanthe said.

His views might not be popular today.

His statements might be dismissed as little more than the last gasp of a politician whose career is headed for an end.

But those who love this country would do well to listen, reflect and act.

The use of slates and back-room deals in the ANC will not only ultimately see the oldest liberation organisation in Africa fall from power - it will take South Africa down with it.

Whereas our politicians want a life of luxury, our children want a future, a future with financial security and certain comforts, even if of a more humble standard.

If it takes just a few weeks for ministers to get a R1-million car, what is stopping the same administration from delivering textbooks, toilets and other services efficiently?


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