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It's up to Zuma to pull in the leash on these rogue cops

The Times Editorial | 2013-03-01 00:35:24.0

The Times Editorial: President Jacob Zuma must intervene personally and, if need be, order national police commissioner Riah Phiyega to deal with misconduct and downright human rights abuse by our police.

Yesterday, the country woke up to shocking video images of a young man being dragged behind a police van in full view of members of the public.

The victim, Mido Macia, 27, was later found dead in police holding cells.

Though Phiyega condemned the incident, by last night the officers involved had not been arrested, let alone suspended.

This appalling abuse again raises questions about how our police officers are recruited and trained.

Occurring just a few months after police mowed down striking mineworkers at Marikana, it will further dent the image of this country.

Only last week the eyes of the world were focused on South Africa as Olympian Oscar Pistorius appeared in court after shooting dead his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Now we are the focus of the world again as the Macia video circulates and the appalling conduct of our police is given front-page coverage by the international press.

Zuma and his administration should make a public commitment to ending the violation of human rights, and abuse of authority, by the police.

We do not need yet another special commission - we need strong leadership.

While the Macia case is being investigated by the police watchdog, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, Zuma should remember that, as the head of state, he carries responsibility for the actions of those he appoints.

Mr President, act now before the rot engulfs your administration.


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