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Thu May 25 22:00:04 SAST 2017

Stop whining, go back to India: Visvin Reddy

Sapa | 2014-05-01 16:11:59.0
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Indians who complain about the ANC government should go back to India, ANC Chatsworth branch chairman Visvin Reddy said in a Facebook post.

He told the Daily News he stood by his comments and took attacks on the African National Congress personally.

On his Facebook page Reddy said: "To you anti ANC commentators… wait until May 8."

The country holds elections on May 7.

"The ANC will still rule this country. You whiners should leave," he continued.

"Go to India and you will see what a good life we have here. Continue with your garbage and marginalise yourself further. Don't blame the ANC blame yourself. You have not yet embraced democracy. Only a foolish Indian in SA will not engage the majority constructively."

He told the newspaper the views he expressed were not the ANC's.

Reddy said his remarks were meant to discourage malicious criticism of the government, which could lead to strained relations between black and Indian South Africans.


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