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Tue Oct 21 20:23:21 SAST 2014

MPs blame 'fattening' Parliament food for their obesity

APHIWE DEKLERK | 09 June, 2014 11:10

Bulging MPs say they have had enough of the fattening food they get fed in the National Assembly.

The parliamentarians complained this week that most of them arrive in parliament lean and slim but end up getting fat because of the unhealthy food available there.

During their induction workshop this week, MPs decried parliament's diet, saying it was the cause of their obesity.

And parliament's wellness chief has undertaken to ensure that the legislature's menu is changed.

ANC MP Sheila Sithole said the legislature's unhealthy diet has long been a cause of serious concern for many lawmakers, so much so that former ethics committee chairman Ben Turok resorted to eating outside parliament in a bid to avoid the fat.

Turok has now retired from parliament.

Sithole told the induction workshop that the food served to MPs was a health risk.

"If you look at members, they come here nice and slim but they all go out obese," said Sithole.

"That is very serious, so I want a situation where there is a serious discussion between yourselves [parliament's management] and the kitchen," said Sithole.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has also spoken out against the unhealthy food served to MPs.

On a typical day, MPs start with a breakfast comprising sandwiches, full-cream yoghurt, fruit, coffee, tea and sparkling juices.

When their meetings run into lunch hour, they are served finger foods such as lamb chops, roast chicken, samoosas, hake medallions and Russians.

In parliament's restaurants, they get to enjoy three-course lunches with soup or salad as starters, followed by steaks, chicken, lamb or fish served as mains.

ANC MP Zukile Luyenge said the MPs were always subjected to fatty foods and an excess of protein.

"What we have noticed about parliament's diet is that each and every food item has fats and too much protein. Ordinarily, you can't have a huge amount of fat and protein at the same time," said Luyenge.

"There is a variety of foods but it has fat, including fish. It's better to stick to the meat rather than eat fish prepared here in parliament," he said.

A regular at parliament's exclusive gym for MPs, Luyenge has urged his colleagues to start exercising if they are serious about keeping the fat at bay.

The Economic Freedom Fighters' Andile Mngxitama, who joined parliament last month, vowed never to consume the institution's food.

"I have not eaten that food, even during the induction. Parliament's food is not healthy," he said.

Parliament's wellness manager, Buyile Bashe, who told the new parliamentarians about the facilities available to keep them in good shape, said he welcomed the call for a change in the National Assembly's menu.

"I will speak with the catering manager, but I think it's important that I move a little bit faster and not be distracted when I deal with the matter of food, because it was raised last year.

"I will really prioritise the issue of a healthy diet," said Bashe.


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Tue Oct 21 20:23:21 SAST 2014 ::
Seriously?! ....maybe if you fat bastards didn't eat in excess each and every time, and gorge your fat faces at all these banquets that serve no other purpose other than to waste tax money, and maybe exercised once in a while you would see a difference. Maybe your fancy vehicles and blue light squads should be taken away and your monstrous arses should climb onto a bicycle to go to your meetings....
If the Minister of health had studied nutrition then the rubbish spouted by the Clowns might have been avoided. Protein and fats are more healthy than carbs but should be eaten in moderation. The FAT MP's are basically FAT because of too many snacks, KFC etc The staff should cut down on the portions served and then save the taxpayers some money. They could even try missing the odd trough feeding and that would help.
You think they have ever heard of self control and portion control? Just because it is there doesn't mean you must eat like it's the last meal you will ever have. I'm sure they eat just as much when they get home. And let's not get into exercise.... That's a whole new article.
It is unbelievable. These fat slobs are MP's and they can't even make a decision on their diet. How the dickens are they supposed to make a decision that is going to affect the citizens of a country. These fat slobs are a disgrace. Why do they carry on eating the S*#T put in front of them until they are obese instead of taking action immediately? If you are getting fat from eating S%#T stop eating it. For crying in a bucket ...
You serious want me to believe that the mamma on the photo got like that from two weeks of government food. Then maybe they should stick to the mieliepap. Even though as far as I know they always ate nice fatty meat with their mieliepap. Also self control will help and nobody is holding a gun to their heads forcing them to eat the food. They can bring their own from home. But again, they get the for nothing and stuff their faces. Why don't the ministers invite some of the street children living around parliament to came and share there meals with them. But then again there will then not be enough for them. I wonder how many of the take doggie bags. No wonder they sit and sleep though parliament sittings. With that amount of food in me I will also not be able to concentrate.