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ANC has the greatest racists‚ says AfriForum

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ANC flag. File photo.
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AfriForum has accused the African National Congress of having “some of the country’s greatest racists” among its senior leaders.

The civil rights organisation said on Wednesday that the ruling party could not be trusted to regulate racism‚ and that if ANC calls for tougher legislation against racism were to become a reality‚ “numerous ANC and government leaders” would be imprisoned.

“The problem is‚ however‚ that the ANC remains grossly inconsistent where the fight against racism is concerned‚” said Ernst Roets‚ Deputy CEO of AfriForum.

The organisation took exception to various statements made by ANC leaders‚ which it said had gone unpunished.


“For example‚ the ANC argued in Court and before the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) that there was nothing wrong with singing songs the likes of ‘Shoot the Farmer’ and ‘Kill the Boer‚ kill the farmer’ at ANC rallies.

Lulu Xingwana 

“Ms Lulu Xingwana‚ Minister of Women‚ Children and People with Disabilities‚ argued on international media that young Afrikaner men were raised in the Calvinist faith and that they therefore believed that they owned women and children.

Julius Malema eastern cape.jpg 

“Julius Malema‚ then still leader of the ANC Youth‚ said in the presence of President Jacob Zuma that all white people were criminals and that they should be treated as such‚ without any consequences.”

“AfriForum strongly condemns all forms of racism and will continue to take a stand against it. The suspicion is‚ however‚ that the ANC only wants to condemn certain forms of racism with this initiative‚ and that an ongoing lack of action against racism in the ANC’s own ranks can be envisaged.”

On Tuesday the party released a statement saying that racism was condemned only when it was whites were guilty of the practice.

“White racism is condemned from all spheres‚ including AfriForum. Yet it appears as if many of the opinion formers and organisations who speak out against white racism are suddenly quiet when black people are guilty of the same behaviour. That alone is racism‚” Roets said.


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