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Zuma plans to write his story when he retires

Amanda Khoza | 2016-01-16 08:38:11.0
South Africa's President Jacob Zuma.

President Jacob Zuma knows exactly what he is going to do when he retires – write.

"When I retire in a few years' time, I will have time to write and I will say this is what black people did to their son who went to school and educated himself. They tortured him... when he was given responsibility.

"But he did not care about being tortured because he had been tortured before. I will explain it and tell you who tortured me. I will just be telling a story."

Zuma was speaking in his capacity as the patron of the Jacob Zuma Foundation on Friday afternoon.

The foundation was bidding farewell to 19 students leaving to study at the American University of Nigeria, in Nigeria.

Having grown up in a poor family Zuma said he was proud to have educated himself. "Even if you call me a dog, I won't say anything because I know that I am a human being."

'Wonderful story of Gedleyihlekisa'

He said one of his dreams was to build a library. "I think when retire and sit back, one of my passions is to build a library before I retire and die. I will wake up in the morning and go there and write.

"I want to write and tell my story because to me it is a wonderful story of Gedleyihlekisa," he said.

"When I write I will have time to talk about education and what it means on the record… I will talk about how important it is to use the little education you have.

"When I tell my story, I will tell you why some people hurl insults at me… it is because of education. But that is nothing to me."

Zuma said he often tells the Zuma clan that education is the key to success. "I want all the Zumas to create an education fund so that they can get an education..."

Source: News24


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