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Guard against being driven to ‘fringes of naked barbarism’‚ warns Ramaphosa

TMG Digital | 2016-01-24 16:51:28.0
File photo of South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa attending the Farlam Commission of Inquiry in Pretoria.
Image by: SIPHIWE SIBEKO / Reuters

South Africans must guard against the temptation to be dehumanised to the point that they are “driven to the fringes of naked barbarism”‚ Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has warned.

He said that race still divided the nation and discrimination still persisted‚ which was a reality that must be rooted out if the dignity of all of the country’s people were to be truly restored.

Ramphosa added that those who harboured prejudice and clung to racial superiority were “spitting on the graves of those who suffered with blacks to liberate this country”.

“Whatever the odds‚ the unity of all our people and the rebuilding of our nation must remain paramount and sacrosanct‚” he stated.

Ramaphosa was speaking on the occasion of the annual commemoration of the legacy of Kgoshi Mapuru II at Jane Furse in Limpopo.

Mampuru II was hanged on November 22‚ 1883‚ at the Pretoria central prison - which has been renamed after him - for public violence and revolt‚ as well as for the murder of rival leader Sekhukhune.

Ramaphosa said that South Africa had made significant progress towards emancipating its people from the bondage of racial hatred‚ poverty and underdevelopment‚ but that a great deal more still needed to be done.

“We remain committed to the building of a united‚ non-racial‚ non-sexist‚ just and prosperous society.

“Inspired by the adage‚ motho ke motho ka batho‚ we are building a caring‚ developmental state that puts people first.

“Since 1994‚ we have adopted a constitutional dispensation that lays a firm foundation to end institutionalised racism and human suffering‚” he stated.

“Today South Africa is a beacon of hope because of its progressive laws‚ sound economic management and a thriving human rights ethos‚” he added.


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