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Malema challenges Mbete in Parliament

Lizeka Tandwa | 2016-02-11 20:02:55.0

EFF leader Julius Malema challenged National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete moments before President Jacob Zuma was scheduled to present his State of the Nation Address on Thursday.

While Mbete was attempting to continue with quoting rules against disruption by parliamentary members, Malema was heard shouting: "Which rule? Tell us the rule? We must be governed by rules here, not by emotions. We must be told which rule gives you powers to suspend the rule of the joint seating."

Mbete then told Malema that members would have a chance next week to iron out their views. "We told you, members will have an opportunity next week to convey their issues," Mbete said. Mbete was then interrupted by another EFF member.

"Speaker we don’t always have to go to the Constitutional Court for you to run this house properly... Please guide us, we need to run this house," the EFF member told Mbete.

Mbete then warned EFF members she would be forced to throw them out of the House.

"If the presiding officer is of the opinion that a member is contravening a provision of the rules or that a member is in contempt or disregarding the authority of the chair... he or she may order the member to withdraw immediately for the remainder of the session," she said.

Source News 24


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