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Sat Apr 29 03:44:32 SAST 2017

Police, journalists outnumber participants at #ZumaMustFall protest

Sipho Masombuka | 2016-02-11 18:28:04.0

The much-anticipated #ZumaMustFall campaign at the Union Buildings in Pretoria ahead of President Jacob Zuma's state of the nation address has turned out to be a flop‚ with police and journalists outnumbering participants.

Police were out in full force‚ armed with every form of anti-riot equipment imaginable‚ from armoured vehicles and water cannons to two truckloads of barbed wire. But it was clear‚ judging from the number of people‚ that none of these would be needed.

A handful of people‚ including children as young as 10‚ milled about on the lawns carrying placards calling for the ANC to recall the president.

The campaign's spokesperson said they were awaiting buses from as far afield as Bloemfontein in the Free State but he later told the trickle of people to come closer so that they could wrap up the programme and disperse.

He told the group that if South Africans managed to bring apartheid to its knees‚ then getting rid of Zuma would be a walk in the park.

“He must go and rest in Nkandla after paying back the money( spent on his Nkandla home)‚” he said.

Journalists were seen packing up their equipment and heading for the exit. People jogged on the lawns‚ as they do every afternoon‚ wanting nothing to do with the campaign.


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