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Sit down Mr Zupta - EFF #SONA2016

Amanda Khoza | 2016-02-11 20:27:18.0

Just minutes after President Jacob Zuma started delivering his State of the Nation Address, Economic Freedom Front MP Godrich Gardee asked the president to take his seat.

"Sit down, Mr Zupta," said Gardee, raising a point of privilege.

Zuma had just began his speech, highlighting the gains of democracy and his concerns about the recent racist incidents.

"The nation was shaken last month when racism reared its ugly head on social and electronic media, causing untold pain and anger. There is a need to confront the demon of racism..."

Gardee then interrupted Zuma. 

"Madam Speaker… can the president sit down so that I can raise a point of privilege," said Gardee.

Speaker Baleka Mbete asked the president to take a seat.

"At this point, chairperson of the National Council of Provinces Thandi Modise asked Gardee on what point he was rising.

Gardee said: "The question here is, in four days we have had three ministers, unprecedented action of the market that actually cost the country R500bn and four paragraphs have been read and the president has not said anything about it."

Modise told Gardee that his point was irrelevant.

"This is very relevant chairperson, R500bn gone, Madame Chair."

Modise again told Gardee his point was irrelevant.

"Let me repeat this, Madam Chair, the president read almost two pages of his speech and has said nothing about the loss of R500bn and having three ministers in four days…"

Gardee was again told to take his seat, to which he responded: "Okay."

Source News 24


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