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Sat Apr 29 19:32:57 SAST 2017

If Zuma wants to save money he should slash cabinet: Cope

Tmg Digital | 2016-02-13 14:42:07.0
South Africa's Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa (L) and President Jacob Zuma (R) before the Sate of the Nation address at the opening session of Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa.

The call by President Zuma to have one capital is a red herring‚ the Congress of the People (COPE) believes.

“His attempt to assuage the anger of taxpayers‚ who will be incensed with tax increases in 11 days’ time‚ will not work‚” said COPE spokesman Dennis Bloem.

Instead of contemplating having one capital‚ Zuma could rather have announced that the cabinet would immediately be slashed to 20 ministers and 10 deputy ministers‚ Bloem said.

“Such a move would remove the need for houses‚ cars‚ offices‚ staff‚ and so on for 15 ministers and 28 deputy ministers who will no longer be needed.

“In effect the savings would be greater than consolidating the two capitals. The beauty is that this could be done at once‚” Bloem added.

He noted that the national debt had soared to over a trillion rand. As a result‚ between R130 billion to R140-billion would have to be taken from the revenue government had collected to service the national debt.

“This considerably reduces fiscal space. On top of that‚ having an obese government too big to keep awake and too big to keep mobile erodes fiscal space even more. The excessively extravagant Zuma administration must not look to taxpayers to meekly dig deeper to bail out his government.

“President Zuma can no longer have his cake and eat it. Even if the ANC comes first for him‚ he can no longer pamper his supporters at the expense of the public. Forty-three ministers and deputy ministers must go at once. Other tiers of government must also downsize‚” Bloem asserted.


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