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Wed Apr 26 17:30:59 SAST 2017

Madisha tells Mbete 'You are out of order' to expunge Malema speech

Genevieve Quintal | 2016-02-16 16:26:46.0
Willie Madisha. File photo.

Congress of the People MP Willie Madisha told National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete that she was "out of order" during the State of the Nation debate on Tuesday.

This was after Mbete ruled earlier that she would expunge some of EFF leader Julius Malema's speech from the record.

Cope wanted Mbete to explain which rule she would use to do this.

Mbete responded that she would rule on that later in the day, but Madisha was not satisfied with her response.

"You are out of order," he told the speaker.

Mbete insisted that he withdraw the comment, but Madisha refused at first.

"If you don't withdraw, I will ask you to leave the chamber," she said.

Madisha then withdrew his comment.

Earlier, during his address, Malema called President Jacob Zuma "illegitimate" and made reference to what he called lapses in judgement by the president.

"This is a man who knowingly had sex with an HIV-positive woman and said a shower cures it.

"This is a man who knowingly impregnated a friend's child, knowing he had other wives at home. This is another sign of your misjudgements," Malema said.

Others problems listed were the appointment of ministers who were said to have close relationships with the politically-connected Gupta family, and the "disastrous" changing of the finance minister.


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