Whatever Zuma pays back will be nothing compared to what country has paid for his presidency: Maimane - Times LIVE
Tue Apr 25 14:21:59 SAST 2017

Whatever Zuma pays back will be nothing compared to what country has paid for his presidency: Maimane

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DA leader Mmusi Maimane during a meeting to discuss the issues of race and identity on January 19,2016 at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Image by: Sowetan / Peter Mogaki / Gallo Images

Whatever President Jacob Zuma pays back for improvements to his private residence at Nkandla it will be nothing compared to what South Africans have already paid for his presidency‚ Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane said on Tuesday.

Speaking in Parliament during the debate on the president’s state of the nation address‚ Maimane said while Zuma was not physically in the dock during the Nkandla case in the Constitutional Court recently he might as well have been.

“You were on trial for subverting our Constitution‚ corrupting our Parliament‚ undermining the Office of the Public Protector and violating your own oath of office.

“After all those years of stalling‚ lying‚ ducking and diving‚ it took the Court just hours to unravel your web of defiance and deceit‚” Maimane asserted.

“Through a string of extraordinary concessions in court‚ your legal team effectively relegated your caucus to its current position: under the proverbial bus‚” he added.

Before that bench of esteemed judges there was simply nowhere to hide‚ Maimane said.

“Now that you have been exposed in the nation’s highest court‚ it remains to be determined how much you will pay.

“But here’s the thing: whatever the amount‚ it will be nothing compared to what the people of this country have already paid for your presidency‚” the DA leader added.

Maimane said South Africa needed a President and a government that served all of its people.

“We need a President with a vision‚ and the power to unite people – black and white – in striving for this vision. Because we are better together. We prosper together. “We need a President who is an example to his government‚ and to the nation.

“We need a President who is in touch with the people.

“We need a President who puts the people first‚ and himself last. “You‚ sir‚ are not that President‚” Maimane stated.


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