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Sat Apr 29 23:15:45 SAST 2017

COSATU 'disingenuous' about Tax Bill amendment‚ DA charges

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The Democratic Alliance has accused trade union federation COSATU of being “disingenuous” about the Tax laws Amendment Bill.

“We believe that COSATU‚ in its public statements‚ has been blatantly dishonest when it stated that Parliament did not hold consultations before the new Taxation Act was signed into law by President Zuma.

“The facts are that the Standing Committee on Finance had to curtail its work on the Tax Laws Amendment Bill for two weeks during November 2015 whilst ANC members of the committee engaged in consultations with COSATU‚” DA deputy finance spokesman Alf Lees asserted on Sunday.

“It is understood from reliable sources that these consultations were led by none other than ANC MP‚ Des van Rooyen‚ then a member of the Standing Committee on Finance and before his unfortunate elevation to the Finance Minister position‚” Lees added.

He noted that COSATU spokesperson Sizwe Pamla had been reported in news reports on January 28 as saying that no public hearings had been held.

“The facts are that on the 9th of November 2015 COSATU made a detailed presentation at public hearings in Parliament that were called by the Standing Committee on Finance‚” Lees said.

He added that the ANC had capitulated to COSATU by agreeing to delay the implementation of the annuitisation of provident fund benefits at retirement. The ANC now wanted to rush amendments to the tax laws through Parliament in order to appease COSATU before losing votes at the elections this year.

“Pressure has been brought to bear on the Standing Committee on Finance to fast-track a new tax laws amendment bill. The DA objects to being rushed into attending to legislation that is designed to maximise votes for the ANC and is not in the best interests of our South African people‚” Lees asserted.


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