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Presidency denies it is increasing its staff

TMG Digital | 2016-02-25 17:12:33.0
BAD TIDINGS: Jeff Radebe, leader of the inter-ministerial team set up to investigate the Nigerian church tragedy, speaking yesterday about efforts to repatriate the remains of South Africans.

The Presidency has dismissed media reports that it is planning to increase its staff complement as “grossly incorrect and misleading”.

It said it would appear that the media was confusing the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) with the Presidency‚ which was the Office of the President.

“The DPME is not a component of the Presidency.

It is a standalone independent department with its own Executive Authority‚ Minister Jeff Radebe‚ its own administration‚ accounting officer and Budget Vote‚” stated Presidency spokesman Bongani Majola.

“The Executive Authority of the Presidency is President Jacob Zuma and the office supports the President and the Deputy President.

The Presidency will not be increasing its staff complement at all. It will abide by the cost-cutting measures in full as announced by the President and the Minister of Finance.

“It is common for some journalists to confuse DPME with the Presidency because Minister Radebe is Minister in the Presidency. Minister Radebe runs a full independent Ministry like all other Ministers.

He has two departments reporting to him‚ namely the DPME and Statistics SA‚” Majola added.


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